ResourceThe Interior: Art and Psychoanalysis

The Interior: Art and Psychoanalysis


10 September 2022

This accessible and generative conversation about contemporary art and psychoanalysis is grounded in the development of Natalya Hughes‘ exhibition The Interior. Natalya Hughes is joined by clinical psychologist Dr Andrew Geeves and author and academic Professor Susan Best to talk about what psychoanalysis is and how it is useful in a contemporary context.

The Interior evokes an exaggerated consultation room, playfully furnished for psychoanalysis. The forms and decorative surfaces of the works in this installation reference the consultation room and practices of the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. Given the abundance of imagery which The Interior draws from Freud’s work, we will ponder the question, how can art be informed by psychoanalysis and psychoanalysis informed by art?