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Marysia Lewandowska – Untitled

Unlimited, a special silkscreen print, has been developed by artist Marysia Lewandowska as a limited edition of 100. Commemorating the forty-year anniversary of IMA, the artist traces its institutional history by looking at the relationships between the provision of spaces designated for exhibition and those for administration. They are represented across the four buildings (from left to right: Market St, Edward St, Ann St and Brunswick St), through their respective floor plans. One can clearly discern how the original location consisted almost exclusively of the gallery space, and how over the four decades since 1975 the changes in how art is produced, exhibited and distributed are spatially articulated by an institution. The liquidity of the golden spill running across the print suggests the unlimited potential of connecting the past with the future, binding the two without determining the exact shape of the outcome.

Dimensions Image Size: 50 x 70.7 cm
Materials Silkscreen print on paper